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1966 Gibson EB-2D “Triple Bypass” Modification


For those brave souls who wish to go fishing in their F-holes, I present to you a case study in implementing the fabled EB2 choke-bypass modification.  This was my attempt at it, and I was extremely happy with the outcome – especially since no irreversible modification to the bass was required.   What is this […]

1995 Rickenbacker 4003s/8 Structural Repair


In December 2012, I purchased a Rickenbacker 4003s/8 8-string bass project from Ishibashi Music in Japan.  The bass had been heavily discounted due to a structural issue that had rendered it unplayable.  If I recall correctly, their website listing stated something to the effect of: “major faulting, we do not recommend this bass” :) I […]

Refinishing a Thunderbird Bass


I’ve been dabbling with guitar/bass repair for years out of necessity and I’ve always wanted to try my hand at refinishing a bass, but I’ve never had the right candidate to practice on… until now. A Czech-made clone of a 1965.5 to 69 Gibson Thunderbird bass (referred to as the “non-reverse” body style) came into […]

1972 Guild JS-II Bass Alembicized Bridge and Pickups


This post details a couple enhancements made to my ’72 Guild JS-II bass back around 2007. I wanted to try out some Hammon Dark Star pickups (recreations of the Alembic-modified Hagstrom Bi-sonics favored by the likes of Jack Casady and Phil Lesh), and also address some issues with the stock bridge relating to intonation and […]

1969 Gibson EB-0 Pickup Coil-tap and Series-parallel Modification


Here’s a relatively low cost modification that I implemented a few years ago on my ’69 Gibson EB-0, and the results were rather useful.  This bass’ wiring was not original to begin with, and so I figured it’d make a decent candidate for some tinkering. I was curious about experimenting with different permutations of the […]